How to get yourself in a productive work-flow

"Focus Panda!" A famous sentence from the movie Kung Fu Panda; used often at our (remote) office to encourage anyone to have a productive day. But when work and life structures change significantly it can suddenly be quite challenging to keep that focus on your work. Especially when there are new distractions like those chores in the house - waiting for you to do; laundry, kitchen, cleaning, gardening etcetera. Nothing wrong to do them anyway, but when these or other distractions keep yourself away from a productive work-flow it can be demotivating in the long run.  Next to the Club Mondain tips that we give in our every weekly Wednesday 20 minute free check-in meeting, participants have also shared interesting insights in how they are managing their days and are staying productive and focused on the tasks. Our favourites are:  > Waking up at the same time as usual and dress yourself like you are going to the office; > Work with a buddy from the same company or a friend and keep a live stream while working on your own tasks, it motivates people to literally see someone else working - not being alone in it. > When you recognize yourself as being distracted; be friendly to yourself and take a moment to take your purpose or vision for the things you do in mind.  What we also suggest is to make a plan at the end of each day for the day to come. At the beginning of the new day you review your day and check the following:

  • Did I plan my working tasks 

  • Did I plan my home chores

  • Did I plan my fun 

  • Did I plan my eating moments 

And this one might be new to you: delete or reschedule all the tasks that are not important and not urgent. And don't forget adding fun to your working day, also when working from home - can be just as important. Don't work to plan but plan to work & enjoy life. When working with a buddy it works great to share your planning at the beginning of the working day and indicate where you need support and who you will ask for it. This can be a gentle reminder for yourself & to act upon it during your day. Try it - it gives a lot of support working "together" just like in the office, and do let us know what your thoughts are !  Would you like more content and to engage on this topic? Sign up for our individual audio course that starts 18th of May (for now only in Dutch) which includes a free online coaching session of 40 minutes.

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