Go Ergo ! Why & hacks to support you.

Why ergonomics at your home workspace is important and the easiest hack to support you. Do you still feel fit at the end of your working day at home? Or does your back hurt, are your eyes burning and your neck full of stiffness? Well, it really doesn't have to be like this. Especially not knowing how long we are going to work from home, we suggest to take your body seriously and look at these easy tips below to implement release for any tension in your body.  Yes, let's GO ERGO! (& if you have time for a 2 minute hilarious Go ERGO rap video indulge yourself by clicking here!) What to do first? Check how your body feels at the end of the day, it is one of the best feedback you can gather before adjusting your working space accordingly. Here are some easy tips to make sure that you remind and support yourself in the long run: 

  • Laptop - Don't ever hunch or slouch in your chair by keeping your back straight using a laptop stand, books or a small box to raise your computer screen top-third to match your eye level.

  • Lumbar/Spinal support - roll-up a small towel or use a small pillow between your lower back and chair rest. Make sure you are at a 90 degrees angle.

  • 1 arm length - Normally the distance between your computer screen and your eyes should be 1 arm length. 

  • Use a separate keyboard and mouse so you do not have to reach too far or lean Especially when your laptop is on a stand or book.

  • Sit-up straight in your chair by placing a footrest or a step under the desk. Yes, you can use any book for this.

  • Give yourself gentle reminders to move or stretch.

  • Use free apps such as Wellconomics, Stand Up!, The Work Out Break Timer 
or use a simple post-it on your screen.

  • Active posture /active workspace - Switch to a more active working posture by placing your laptop on a bookshelf, making sure it is still on eye level.  Don't forget to use your seperate keyboard & mouse!  Plan B: walk whenever you have a call. 

And the most important one, if you are working for an employer - Don't forget to ask for help.Not only are employers obliged to help you out, most of them are happy to support you. Especially because they know that you are a long-term investment for them too. Do you or your employer want more information on ergonomics within your working-place at home, let us know what is most important to you below.  Or have a virtual check of your workspace at home. Contact us at go@clubmondain.com for the details.  Every Wednesday at 12:00 we have a short 20 minutes online 'Bring Your Own Coffee' break to connect & energize on topics that are relevant to create a space for a healthy lifestyle - wherever you are working from.  Do you want to dive a bit deeper? Check out our individual audio course, starting 18th of May (4 days, now in Dutch) or our Team Program here

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