Finding gym time while working remote & traveling for business | Club Mondain

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Finding gym time while traveling for business | Club Mondain

Time, the one thing no one can stop and most of us believe do not have enough of. Especially when wanting to keep our energy and vitality high scheduling in time to exercise is an essential part to achieving this. Besides all daily tasks, weekly targets and monthly goal - how do you squeeze in gym time? And then how to manage travel on top of this?

When we do not manage to exercise the body and relax the mind from time to time energy goes down. We think we can all agree to that, but how much do you really need?

Here is our 5 step guide to finding time including when you travel for business:

  1. Identify what type of exercise suits you and choose. Running, fitness, swimming, yoga, tai chi, boxing or hiking to name a few.

  2. Take a critical look at you agenda. How much time do you really need? There are gym exercises that take 15 minutes and have the same impact as an 1 hour run.

  3. Also related to time; it is better, and actually very beneficial, to consistently work-out for only 15 minutes per day or week rather than waiting to find a full hour and then ending up not exercising at all.

  4. Build it up gradually. When you start a new sport or type of exercise be patient and kind to your body. Get used to the movement and the intensity. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to the desired work-out time. This way you are most likely to stay motivated and injury free.

  5. Combine exercise and existing tasks as much as possible. Get up earlier and cycle to the office, walk to a restaurant for that client dinner or do some fitness during your lunch break.

When travelling there are lots of possibilities, if you consider planning backwards:

Before travelling look at your schedule. When are you coming back? Look at that day, plan your “getting-back” time and then reserve time for yourself to exercises. Simply block the hours, it will serve you mentally and physically.

When you are at the airport: keep on walking if you are waiting for your (next) flight, within the airplane do your stretches and loosen up your muscles, you can even do leg lifts in your chair.

At the hotel(room) check out the facilities and look out for a park near your hotel room for a walk or to have a run. Not sure how to execute your exercises? Ask your Club Mondain coach for suggestions on how to get by!

And.. really celebrate each time you managed to create time to exercise by complimenting yourself (no we do not mean that tony chocolonely bar!). Regular and positive acknowledgement of your actions goes a long way in creating and maintaining healthy habits.

Whatever you decide to choose as a routine make sure it’s fun and obtainable so that it will be a new habit in no time. What suggestion will you try out? Let us know, we are curious to find out what works for you!

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