Maintaing a Healthy Lifestyle Working from Home



The Virtual Connection & Energize Program

Your easiest way to stay focused, energized and connected during a full working day from home. 

We are all impacted right now by the consequences of the global COVID-19 outbreak and many (if not all) of us are required to work from home. Besides that this situation requires flexibility, clear communication and arranging your logistics differently, we at Club Mondain know that vitality is as important as ever! Especially during full working days, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key for optimal performance and a balanced mindset.

Working from home, similar to working from airports and hotel rooms, has a whole new set of challenges!

So how does this program empower you to stay healthy, engaged and energized?

What's in the program.

With this program designed for you working at home you get online access to 9 energizers per day, 5 days a week.

These energetic moments are streamed live, for you to really connect and to give you structure and joy in your day-to-day routine. It allows you to maintain focus and stay present.

Participate in the daily BYC (Bring your own Coffee)moderated digital hangouts with other subscribers across the globe who are also working from home. Just bring your own coffee!

What are the options on the daily schedule?


  • 7:30 Yoga & Stretch (30 min)

  • 8:00 Workout of the Day (30 min)

  • 10:00 Meditation/Breathing exercise (15 min)

  • 11:00 BYC''Bring your own Coffee'' Hangout (20 min)

  • 12:00 Energizer (5 min)

  • 13:00 Meditation/Breathing exercise (15 min)

  • 15:00 Energizer (5 min)

  • 17:00 Yoga & Stretch (30 min)

  • 17:30 Workout of the Day (30 min)

    This program is available on workdays, Monday - Friday
    Times are based on GMT+1

How to join
 the program

You can choose which activity you want to join on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In the
beginning of the week you will get the invitations with the links right in your mailbox so you can schedule your own activities.

The BYC (Bring your own Coffee) hangout at 11:00 CET is an online room in which you connect with other remote workers around the globe with video. Your moderator will introduce the topic of the day to get the conversation going and then you will break-out in small groups to connect further on that topic.
The meeting lasts 20 minutes and afterwards you will be able to share your experience, incite others and reconnect via our Facebook or Linkedin community pages.

Additional online classes will be available and announced via e-mail. You can always
share  suggestions for an additional classes with us.

Yes, we work with teams 
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