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Individuals working internationally 


Individuals Working from Home

Club Mondain is expert in supporting business (wo)men to create a space for a healthy lifestyle no matter where they are in the world. Employee Health has been receiving more acknowledgement and attention over the past years. There is a group however who was not able to receive the same benefits of the gyms, local activities and health programs; the frequent business traveler. This is where Club Mondain makes the difference. In the past 1,5 year we have worked successfully with numerous multinational companies to support this specific employee demographic.




Right now the globe is in the grips of the COVID-19 outbreak and many are required to work from home. Besides that this requires flexibility, clear communication and logistics, here at Club Mondain we know that vitality is as important as ever. How do you stay healthy, engaged and energized? Working from home, as with the frequent traveler working from airports and hotel rooms, will encounter a whole new set of challenges. Join our program 

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