Create 100% clarity and focus on what YOU need to stay FIT and HEALTHY

~on your next business trip

1 goal, 5 days, 100% ultimate clarity


Be in control of your health - 
And do not let your circumstances define the quality of your performance.

Travelling after Covid - 19...
You need to travel but want to take care of yourself, to feel safe and healthy. 


You make sure you know what is possible and where to get it, but above all you want to be 100% clear on the needs to your healthy body and mind.

This 5-part-worskhop series is now launched by Club Mondain to support you while travelling for work to stay healthy wherever you are! By the end you will have created Your personal ultimate Travel cheatsheet

Club Mondain has served to more than 5000 business travellers to stay healthy wherever they are working and travelling from. Through our experiences we know what is important. 

Number one? Stay connected to their body, direct surroundings and to their family and colleagues back home. 

Number one stresspoint? not to live up to their own expectations. 

So what if you could make them clear in the first point and be able to switch them around as your circumstances will go around. 

Then it is not the circumstances that determine your level of performance, but you are in control. 

Business travel in itself can be daunting and challenging. But now there is a whole new level of staying safe. Healthy was never so important to you and your family as now. 

Do you want to:

>> Have a good night rest                       >> Not being tired about your next trip BEFORE you are actually going?

>>enjoy a flexible and strong body        >> Be excited about the following business trip 

>>Feel calm

>>Experience a great


>>Learn how to connect your planning to your goals

Or anything related to the ones above. Then start your five day course NOW. 


How does it work


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Receive the 5-part-mini-series directly in your inbox over the course of 5 days.


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Rinse and repeat! Use the lessons from the mini-series and your workbook anytime and any place!

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Don't let the circumstances define how you handle your body and your mind.
Make sure you get the quality of care you need.
Create your space for a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are and wherever you are working from. 

When you are on top your performance game, then give your body and mind the change to fully recharge too. 

Judith Stapel 

Founder Club Mondain