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Create clarity and focus 
on what you need to stay fit and healthy

     wherever you are working from in the world


1 goal, 5 days, 100% clarity

Be in control of your health - 
And do not let your circumstances define the quality of your performance.

Travelling after Covid - 19...

You need to travel but want to take care of yourself, to feel safe and healthy. 


You want to make sure that you know what is possible and where to get it, but above all you want to be 100% clear on the needs of your physical and mental wellbeing.

This 5-part online course series is now launched by Club Mondain to support you while travelling for work to stay healthy wherever you are! By the end you will have created Your Personal Ultimate Travel Cheatsheet.

Online - 5 days - 100% healthy

Fit Traveler

Business travel in and of itself can be daunting and challenging. But now there is a whole new level of staying safe. Healthy has never been as important for the individual and their families as it is now. 

Club Mondain has served more than 5000 business travellers in staying healthy wherever they are working and travelling from. Our extensive experience with the demands by the company, but more so the needs of the individual, made us experts is knowing what is important. 

The desire:

Staying connected to your body, direct surroundings and to family and colleagues back home. 

The challenge:

Stress surrounding trips, poor quality of sleep, struggling to maintain a fitness or workout routine and much more...

The solution:

Setting laser-focused goals and getting crystal clear on what it is that you personally need to achieve your desired result. In 5 video's you will learn how to make any circumstances work for you and that you are in total control your level of performance - wherever you are!

  • what your body needs to sleep well

  • what your mind needs to be focused and relax

  • how to handle your work planning efficient while traveling

  • what travel gear will support you best during a trip

  • how to stay connected with home

  • how to stay on top of your fitness and health goals

  • How to be on top of my goals

How to get started
  1. Sign-up via the button 'register now',

  2. Receive 1 interactive video 5 days in a row,

  3. Watch the video whenever and on whichever device,

  4. Complete the short assignment after each video,

  5. After the 5th video you receive your Personal Ultimate Travel Cheatsheet based on your replies to the checklist that you completed after each video!

Fit Traveler

These are the modules

Module 1: Working effectively and enjoyably wherever you are

- Learn the right mindset to work effectively even when yo are remote

- How to cooperate with others when working remotely

- The importance of fun to establish the right energy to last

Module 2: The optimal layout for your living- and working space

- Clarify your own needs for each space

- Which habits support you most in creating a vital and energetic working climate 

- Hacks to swiftly and easily create your favorite working space

Module 3: Bedroom hacks for better sleep and rested days

- The science behind the importance of a good night's rest  

- Rituals to create a good night and feel rested in the morning

- The numerous ways and things you can do to build relaxation into your day

Module 4: Get new energy and inspiration to boost your day

- The advantages of exploring outside your comfort zone to enhance your creativity

- Ways to derive new experiences and insights about what vitality means to you

-  Implementing your findings into a daily practise

Module 5: Meeting your food and exercise needs

- Learn how to determine what your body needs in terms of nutrition and movement

- Create a ritme that works for you and allows your to feel energized

- There is no '1-size'fits-all' solution, but here is what you can do

What others say
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Some of the things I stared was a new exercise patters and walk routines. I've seen benefits and that keeps me motivated. The tips were practical and relevant. How to manage stressful times as well.

vrouwelijk Portret


Biggest improvement is the mindfulness and the choices that I make. Building self-awareness made me also self-reliant.

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Setting the goals is key to have a direction and stick to . Behavior and preparation is really important to being healthy. Know where I am going and what I am going to eat. What motivates me is knowing how different I feel when I am taking care of my health. It impacts not just me but also everyone around me.


Results at the end of the online 5 day course


Know exactly what your body and mind need to feel fit and energized wherever you are. Thanks to your Personal Ultimate Travel Cheatsheet


No matter the circumstances you know how to stay connected to your goals and what you need to perform at your best.


The interactive videos ensure that the lessons are easy, quick and stick! The assignments that lead of to your Personal Ultimate Travel Cheatsheet are clear and practical so that you can use it now and in the future.

About us

Club Mondain's mission and vision is to empower people to create a space for a healthy lifestyle wherever they are...

How can you get (back) in flow? What is the most important for you in regards to performing at your best - whether at home or at work? How can you continue to enjoy and be present in every moment? 

We derived the answers to these - and many more - questions from years of experience working remotely, our travels, entrepreneurship and from the numerous people and organizations we've worked with. This is backed by coaching degrees, continuous personal development and practical knowledge from coaches and mentors.


Vitality is not common practise or a given, but it is vitally important! That is why sharing our lessons has become our mission so that people like you can benefit from the tools we provide, learn from our mistakes. We help you to discover what does work for you but also what doesn't so that you can easily and immediately start to feel energized.

Healthy greetings,

Judith & Eva

Club Mondain


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Yoga at Home

"Don't let the circumstances define how you handle your body and your mind.
Make sure you get the quality of care you need.
Create your space for a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are and wherever you are working from. 

When you are on top your performance game, then give your body and mind the change to fully recharge too."

Judith Stapel 

Founder Club Mondain